GOYA = Get Off Your Arse

“The day you begin, is the day that your world begins to change for you.” – Bruce Hultgren

The Story Of Our Logo

Introducing... The GOYA "MANA" Image

To display, wear or exhibit this “Mana” (mah-nah) image is to represent a symbol of hope.

To show that you have, understand, respect, and present, as an intentional, spiritual life force energy that permeates the Universe.

To be, or to present as having “Mana” implies that this impersonal superpower can be transmitted or inherited.

Anyone or any thing can display “Mana”.

The logo we have created to represent “Mana” has been designed to display the connection between 2 people at the nose or forehead.

This allows for the spirit of the full being to share the breath of life by exhaling and bringing the being in need of this spiritual life force energy into the family of inhaling this gift of life force energy from the other.

To share breath is to share life and creates a spiritual and heart connection.

By choosing to display this image, you are joining our global mission that is to give, receive, share, breathe, connect and to experience the spiritual life force energy of Mana.

Why Did We Create This App?

Because YOU…

  • Understand it’s important that everyone feels connected
  • Want to be able to have your members check in and know that you care
  • Want to be able to oversee a complete wellbeing program for those under your care in minutes a day.
  • Want to provide the tools to help build the most sustainable, best version of you and your members.
  • Understand the mission that the GOYA life team are on and your team also cares about the wellbeing and improvement of every human on the planet.

Our Goal…

Is to make the YOUR life experience the best it can possibly be and to enable and empower people around the world to use a simple tool to help them improve their life experiences.

A single place to connect, check-in, reflect, plan and make progress. But above all….

We just want one thing for you. To live the life you dream of.

Thanks for being here

The GOYA Life Team.