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Your Emotional Wellbeing Space

Software For Emotional Wellbeing

A collection of practical tools that enable




What If....

You were able to do a daily “Wellbeing Check-In” with yourself and every one of your members in just minutes?

GOYA Men is a sanctuary for men to thrive, seek help or develop, and will feature the 5 major forms of caring

Being included, being seen, being appreciated, being liked and being loved

monitor the wellbeing, goals, performance, and improvement of your members

We Want YOU To Be Able to oversee a complete wellbeing program for your members in minutes a day

The Mission Is....

To make it easy for you to manage the wellbeing and development of everyone in your team in just minutes a day….

You're Reading This Because....

Your care and the wellbeing of everyone you’re responsible for matters. But right now, it’s hard to make sure everyone is OK. GOYA Men makes it easy. TOGETHER…we’ll make sure they’re OK.

And Then We Asked Ourselves....

“How can we…help YOU achieve this same outcome? Make this simple? Put the focus on YOU, not us?”

Your Members Have Different Backgrounds, Expectations And Demands Put On Them

By using GOYA Men you can now….

  • Check In
  • Monitor Wellbeing
  • Communicate
  • Set Goals
  • Demonstrate Progress

All in minutes a day

GOYA Will....