Create your own GOYA Life surveys, using any of the information below, as you like

What Are GOYA Life Wellbeing Surveys

Our survey system is a simple way to reflect or check in, whether for sport or for life.
Choose 6 questions or statements, choose from one of 5 faces ranging from sad to happy.
Make a comment if you wish.
Submit your responses.
The system will calculate the responses and give you a percentage out of 100%.
This will give you and your coaches/mentors an idea or overview on your thoughts and feelings towards these questions or statements at that specific time.
There are no right or wrong answers, they’re just YOUR answers.
Please use the suggestions below as they’re presented, or pick and choose to create whatever works for you.
Some examples of possible use…. A morning check in, a morning plan for the day, nightly reflections, post training, post competition, weekly/monthly reflection, weekly/monthly planning.



Feel free to take one statement from each of the 6 areas below and create your own survey.


1. How I acted today was intentional.
2. I was aware of the feelings I wanted to generate today.
3. As much as I wanted to, I stayed focused.
4. Today was made meaningful by me.
5. I determined that I can get better at something today.
6. I enjoyed today's opportunities and challenges.


1. I was committed to excellence today.
2. I worked towards and for my “why” today.
3. I focused on serving others today.
4. I finished my duties and hit my deadlines today.
5. My self talk stayed positive today.
6. I am engaged and excited about my mission


1. I assessed and dealt with some unknowns today.
2. I shared my real self with others today.
3. I maintained my confidence today.
4. I was quick to respond to some challenges today.
5. Despite risk I took action today.
6. I took responsibility today.


1. My energy levels were managed well today.
2. I brought joy to today.
3. I maintained high energy today by recharging throughout the day.
4. I worked out today.
5. In order to sleep well, I will wind down well.
6. My outlook and attitude were positive today.


1. I held myself as a role model today.
2. I led others to thinking well today.
3. I challenge others to achieve growth today.
4. I spent time on myself today.
5. I cared for others today.
6. I was connected to my actions today.


1. Today I worked on things that matter most.
2. I took another step towards a goal or dream today.
3. I wasn’t distracted today.
4. I set my daily intention first thing today.
5. I engaged and enjoyed my efforts today.
6. I connected to my mission today.



Something I can get excited about today is….
I word I’m going to hold myself today is…. And why….
Someone I need to be in contact with today is….
My best self will deal with a stressful situation today by….
Someone I could surprise with a nice action today would be…
A bold action I could take today is….


I will demonstrate excellence today by….
If I was coaching myself, what would I tell myself today….
Something I need to keep in my big picture thinking is….
Today would be considered a success if I could say that this happened….
My best self will deal with a challenge today by….
This person is going to receive an appreciation acknowledgement from me today….


Survey 1

I really appreciate this moment today…
I handled THIS well today…
Today would have been even better if I….
This is something I realised or learned today….
If I was my own coach, I would tell myself this about today…
I shared my real self, thoughts, feelings today when….

Survey 2

How I acted today was intentional.
My energy levels were managed well today.
I worked towards and for my “why” today.
I set my daily intention first thing today.
I spent time on myself today.
I maintained my confidence today.

Survey 3

What did I learn today?
What did I enjoy today?
After reflection, are there any behaviours I want to upgrade?
What challenged me today that I can learn and grow from?
What strengths did I use today?
What did I do really well today?

Survey 4

What went well today?
What did I love about today?
What could I have handled differently today?
What would I like to let go of?
How healthy was my food intake today?
How can I make tomorrow better than today?

Survey 5

Best 3 Things To Happen today.
Did I make 3 people smile? Yes? Who?
Did I do my very best today?
What excited me about today?
Who am I thankful for?
What am I thankful for?


(Feel Free to change values)

How did I perform against the value of Effort?

How did I perform against the value of Discipline?

How did I perform against the value of Teamwork?

How did I perform against the value of Commitment?

How was my level of preparation?

How much fun/joy did I have/experience?


(You can mix these up out of the 12 categories available)
Mission/My Why
Self Development


Choose from the 12 categories to make your survey.

Health – I intentionally take care of myself both physically and mentally. I eat well and sleep well. I consistently work out so I can fully enjoy my life and enjoy the challenges and opportunities that I am fortunate to be faced with. 

Mental/Emotional – I maintain a happy and positive outlook. I like to experience positive emotions and I enjoy a sense of peace and joy in my life. I am mindful of all energy, my focus levels and I take care of myself so I can fully experience these.

Partner/Love – ​I am respectful, patient and attentive to my partner’s needs. I have a sense of being deeply appreciative of this love connection. (Alternative if single – I demonstrate love and compassion for and to others every day.)

Family – I enjoy a fun, positive and deep connection to my family members. I am compassionate with them, I do my best for them and I am present when I am with them.

Friends – I surround myself with positive people so I can be in the presence of connection, fun and positive energy. I express true and real authenticity and I expect the same from others. I have great connection and enjoy spending time with this close circle.

Mission/My Why – I contribute to the world through the energy of my daily work. I add real value and this is a reflection of my commitment to my mission and purpose. My daily efforts are positive, clear and focussed.

Experiences – My time is precious and I plan it accordingly. Whether it is to connect or disconnect, my interests, or other areas of my life. I carefully plan so I can experience all life has to offer.

Spirit – I am guided by my values, my faith in those values and the connection I feel in this present moment. My daily actions and decisions are guided by my values and spirit.

Spirituality – No matter to whom I refer to as my god or my universal power, I act in accordance with these beliefs. I am kind, I am humble, I am respectful, I am me.

Finances – I spend time to develop my basic knowledge of finances, investments and relevant finance skills. I am planning for my future. I am responsible. I enjoy my lifestyle. I am developing the skills to create more wealth for myself and future generations.

Learning – I mentally in myself daily through all of the free and paid resources that are available to me at my fingertips. I like to learn now things. I ask questions. I learn about things that hold deep interest to me. I am curious and pay attention.

Self Development – I invest at least 15 minutes every single day to my personal development. Whether it’s business, a hobby, education or a sport. I know that my single step each day will culminate in thousands of minutes of accrued investment that will propel me forwards in whatever direction I choose.


How am I feeling?
How was my sleep?
What is my heart rate? (please write actual in comment section)
My urine is clear.
Did I drink enough yesterday?
I adequately stretched yesterday.


The main challenge I faced this week was….
I learned something about myself this week (choose a face) and it was…
I had 3 things to happen to me this past week (choose a face) and they were…
If I was coaching someone this week and they dealt with something the same as I did, I’d give them this face (choose a face) and give them this advice.
I made the effort to learn 2 things about others this week (choose a face) and those 2 things were….
I made the decision to make my life move ahead this past week (choose a face) and it was…